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More About REVIVE

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Help us by raising funds, donating or volunteering

Revive was set up in 1989 by a group of friends and relatives of patients treated at the Regional Intensive Care Unit.

That original group included Dame Mary Peters who chaired the group for many years and continues as Patron and a very active member of the Revive team.

The original aims of Revive were to assist in the care of the critically ill patient by helping provide additional and essential funding. That funding was aimed at the patients, relatives and the staff.  Since 1989 contributions to Revive have provided over 1.5 million to the Regional Intensive Care Unit to improve the outcome of patients and support families and staff.

Our focus is to achieve maximum value for every penny raised and to that end all members of the Revive committee are entirely voluntary. Over 99% of all donations go directly to patient and relative care, research and additional staff training. Some small funding is required by the charities commission for account audit purposes.

The committee is composed of volunteers from all walks of life including relatives and staff.

Revive Committee

Lady Mary Peters LG, CH, DBE, DStJ - Patron

Mandy McCrum - Chairperson

Dr Amit Bedi - Intensive Care Consultant

Dr Finbarr O’Neill - Intensive Care Consultant

Peter Rainey

Rhoda McFarland - Intensive Care Senior Nurse

Heather Lowry

Paul Caddell

Carmel Francis

Terry Coogan

Daniella Gregson

Neill Gregson

Victoria O'Neill

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